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Project Description

Project Brief

AAA Carolinas had a need to aggregate user generated content from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter hashtag marketing campaigns into custom Facebook tabs. They also needed to be able to add their Facebook group posts and various RSS feeds to additional Facebook tabs.

The Challenge

Some custom Facebook tabs needed to combine multiple hashtag queries from multiple social media networks into one stream. Other tabs needed to aggregate hashtags, and Facebook group posts into one stream, while additional tabs needed to pull and combine articles from various RSS feeds.

The Solution

PHP and JQuery ended up being the go to tools to provide the solution needed. All client requirements were met and the aggregated stream results were able to be displayed in an easy to view, responsive, user friendly format that encourages user interaction.

A few Screenshots Are Below:

click to see live example

Hashtag Aggregation
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

User Content Aggregation - Hashtags

RSS Feed to HTML
For Web Page Display


Facebook Group Posts
Displayed In a Web Page

AAA Racing Facebook Group

Project Detail:

  • Created responsive user generated content aggregator using PHP, HTML, and JQuery to stream in relevant user content from multiple Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter hashtag marketing campaigns into custom Facebook tabs.
  • Developed responsive web pages to stream in public Facebook group content into a custom Facebook tab using HTML and JQuery.
  • Created web pages using JQuery to pull in RSS feed content from various sources into custom Facebook tabs.
  • Created auto updating RSS feeds for web page content that did not have a feed option so that this content could also be streamed into Facebook.
  • Created apps on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to allow feeds to be streamed to the website.
  • Setup and installed a SSL certificate for secure hosting of streamed content.
  • Provided graphic creation and editing using Photshop Creative Suite.