WordPress – Habitat For Humanity

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Project Description

Habitat for Humanity was in need of an updated website. Their previous site was very outdated and not mobile friendly. The new site needed to be brought up to date with a responsive design. There were around 30+ pages of content that needed to be entered into the new site. The new site also needed to be easy to maintain. Due to the client’s needs, WordPress was chosen as the content management system to use for the new site.


Project Screenshots

Project and Skills Detail

  • Installed WordPress
  • Researched plugins to perform needed functionality. Plugins needed to be actively maintained and have high user ratings
  • Installed / Activated plugins
  • Installed WooCommerce for future e-Commerce expansion
  • Installed Tribe Events for event management
  • Developed site with main user focus in mind to create the best user experience possible
  • Used responsive design for theme and plugins so that all users can view
  • Created and edited graphics using Adobe Photoshop
  • Entered all web content
  • Migrated the site from the development server to production
  • Created documentation and trained new users on WordPress and how to manage the site